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Natasha Wood showing off the beauty products for the salon area. Wood is the coordinator for the new spa management program.

Natasha Wood sits at the reception desk of Algonquin’s A building, answering peoples’ questions and setting up appointments.

Wood, who can regularly be found at the spa’s reception foyer, is the coordinator and customer relations professor for the new spa management program.

“As a past business owner,” said Wood, “I understand the need for spa managers in the wellness industry.”

Spa management is a one-year program that directly correlates with the esthetician and hair stylist programs. After completion of either programs, students can choose to move on to spa management and learn the business aspects of running a salon.

The program will be offered in September 2015 but applications are being taken now.

“All classes are theory,” said Wood, “with some hybrid and field work.”

The spa management course offers a graduate certificate upon completion as well as approximately a year’s worth of experience in the wellness industry. That means those who take the course gain a year’s worth of experience in the field, then take the spa management course. That gains a total of two years’ worth of experience.

Dianne Tranter, an instructor for the esthetician program, said learning the basics in that program, then learning the business aspect in the spa management program would be the ideal course of action.

“It’s very rewarding to help people feel good,” said Tranter. “You can also develop relationships with your clients. It’s like seeing a close friend once a month.”

Allison Dunfield, Luxe Spa owner and professor for the program, said this program teaches essential skills needed for students to transition into the work force.

“I would be much more open to hire someone if they graduated from this program,” said Dunfield.