Since their early high school days, students have juggled their school work, social and personal lives.

Some of them also have a job to add to that list and even as young adults, college students still feel that they need more time to achieve everything they have to do.

Of course, not every one of these students is in the same situation or has the same needs. That’s why there is a Student Support Centre at the college.

Algonquin’s Student Support Services has been organizing several workshops since the beginning of the semester to help students with different needs.

For example, every Tuesday there are drop-in learning strategies workshops held at the Mamidosewin Centre.

Lorri McLeod, the college’s professional learning strategist, participates in these workshops to show the students, effective learning strategies.

McLeod shows the students the importance of skills such as studying, note-taking and even test-taking. She helps them develop their skills and helps them when they bring notes or assignments.

These types of events aren’t held exclusively on Tuesdays. The Student Support Welcome Centre offers these services throughout the college.

The services are available at the Student Learning Centre, the AC Hub, the Mamidosewin Centre, the Centre for Students with Disabilities and the library.

The library is often one of the most popular study places there is on campus. That is why services such as coaching, peer tutoring and workshops are offered.

‘‘The answer is simple,’’ said Jeffrey Agate, Assistant Director of the Student Support Services, ‘‘just ask.’’

Here 2 Help, a campaign that was presented in September 2014, aims to help new and returning students by showing them what services they have available.

The college wants to make sure that the students are comfortable when seeking help.

The idea behind it is that every employee at the college should be available to help any student get started with whatever issue, whatever question they have,” said Agate.

More information on the workshops and services are available on the events section of Algonquin’s website.