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By Patrick Longchamps

Steven Gutknecht is a second-year biotechnology student from Kemptville running to be the Students Associations’ vice-president in this year’s elections.

Gutknecht’s qualifications for vice-president come from his past experience in the work-force. He has been on his high schools’ student council, with the municipality of North Grenville in various positions and is currently a residence advisor. His time as an RA is the main reason that he is gunning to become the next VP.

“Right now my job is to help students at the residence get the connections they need to integrate well into our school,” said Gutknecht. “I want to go further with that and help all students at the college, not just the ones in residence. I feel like those are the qualities that would help me in this position.”

Past experiences have taught him the skills to take on all the different aspects of this position. He attributes learning about the different departments at the college to working as an RA.

Helping in the office, and summer camp councillor for the municipality of North Grenville were roles that taught him about professionalism and how to work with the public.

“It helped me learn to serve customers. Students are sort of like customers, the board is there to serve the students,” said Gutknecht.

The U-Pass is something that Gutknecht sees as being highly discussed by the SA and has ideas of how he could help solving the issue. The student perspective on how to handle the issue is his main point. He would like to know exactly what percentage of students it would take to pass a referendum by handing out surveys and asking the managing staff.

“I’m also concerned with the Pembroke and Perth campus. The students are going to have to pay for this U-Pass but they don’t have access to OC Transpo. Why would they do that?” said Gutknecht.

OC Transpo isn’t the only changes he would like to begin looking into. The parking problem is another, along with more training for class representatives.

“Steven is one of the most motivated students I have ever met and he puts great effort into achieving what he intends to achieve. He has always been a reliable lab and project partner and can prioritize school work and extra-curricular work so he succeeds in both,” said Kalia Martin, second-year biotechnology student and lab partner in his one of his classes.