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Growing up an introvert, Egor Evseev says he has smashed out of his comfort zone on the sidelines for a chance to take centre stage as the next Students’ Association president.

But he hasn’t forgotten everything he’s learned along the way.

“Throughout my childhood, my life and the jobs I’ve had and the things I’ve learned; it’s allowed me to observe a lot of what works and what doesn’t,” said the 20-year-old advertising and event management student. “Now I’m not intimidated to put those observations to good use.”

Evseev has built his platform for the campaign on four pillars: transportation, technology, student health and international students.

He wants to work with OC Transpo to ensure that prices for the U-Pass will not rise by large increments in the coming years. At the same time, Evseev is looking into a solution for students who drive to school as he understands that some are frustrated over having to pay for the U-Pass and the high costs for a parking pass.

Evseev also understands that Algonquin has been on the cutting edge of technology and he wants to keep it this way. Fearing that the school could begin to lag behind, he wishes to uphold the college’s to its current standards while smoothing out the few problems that do exist right now.

Although it’s good to have up-to-date technology and cheaper transportation, Evseev is looking to promote a healthy lifestyle for students through greater accessibility.

“I know when I started going to the gym it was a little bit intimidating to me,” said Evseev.

He plans on working with the sports teams, fitness zone and nutrition counselling to promote everyone’s health.

Finally, Evseev wants to work with Algonquin’s international students to promote a stronger community on campus. He feels their knowledge of the world will add unique learning opportunities for students who’ve grown up in Canada. He also hopes to help international students feel more at home.

This last pillar is important to Evseev, as he wasn’t born in Canada either.

“I’m from Russia,” said Evseev. “I’ve grown up here most of my life but I’ve been back enough that I know how much of a drastic difference just this culture – and other cultures – are.”