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Voting week for the Algonquin Student Associations’ president and vice-president begins on March 23, and Allie Grant hopes she will be standing tall when voting concludes on March 27.

Grant is a former St. Lawrence College Student Association president while she was in school for musical theatre. She thinks that this previous experience will help her should she be victorious in her presidential campaign.

“The main point of my campaign is that students come first,” she added. “We’re paying to be here. This is our territory, this is our time to shine. Helping students is what I love to do.”

The 22-year-old commends the SA for finally sorting out public transit for the student population, but says it is time to focus on the other demographic –  those who drive.

“We should focus more on parking, because those students already pay a lot of money.” said Grant.

She also mentioned that there are a lot of services that students may not be aware of, such as the health and dental plans and the ability to opt out.

“I got $200 back,” she said. “And that’s a lot of money for students.”

Grant is running against Egor Evseev, a classmate, and Sara Grainger, a fellow board member. Grant feels that even though they’re competing, that it won’t get in the way of personal relationships.

“This is just really fun and I want to show people why I wanted to be on the SA in the first place,” she said.