Algonquin College sits within the federal riding of Ottawa West – Nepean. Mark Brooks is one candidate seeking your vote on Oct. 19.

Mark Brooks, Jesse Munro photo


Phasing out college and university tuition fees is the Green Party’s platform promise aimed at attracting students.

Mark Brooks, a professor of environmental studies at Algonquin since 2012, wants to bring that and the rest of the Green platform to the Ottawa West-Nepean riding.

“I work with young people. In class we talk a lot about environmental issues and students are really concerned,” said Brooks. “I want to try to set an example. There are things to be done – it’s not hopeless.”

Brooks believes that Canadians want to start talking about critical sustainability issues and that the Green party has the best platform to address the problems facing the environment.

“We’re not a favourite but sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in,” said Brooks.

But the Green platform is not limited to environmental issues. Brooks is very aware of who makes up the riding.

“Ottawa West-Nepean has a lot of middle income families with kids and seniors,” said Brooks. “The Green party would implement a national pharmacare plan and the end of tuition would relieve the worries of many middle-class families with kids.”

In his time spent going door-to-door in the community, Brooks has been encouraged by what he has seen.

“Ottawa West-Nepean is historically a Conservative riding, but this year I see a real opportunity to have them unseated.

“The people that I have been talking to really like Elizabeth May and the party ideas. The Greens feel that we need a change in government and that we can restore Canada’s place in the world.”