By Elizabeth Mabie


Algonquin recruitment officers Jody White and Jonathan Holmes host a questions period for potential college applicants as part of an effort to steer them towards applying to Algonquin.

Prospective students ventured out to Algonquin’s Woodroffe campus during the week of March Break for a campus tour, residence tour, and an information session on financial aid.

Algonquin’s team that ran the tours and financial aid session gave out information packets, an agenda with a map on the back, and provided the visitors with refreshments made by the hospitality students.

“Monday usually has a good turn-out,” said recruitment officer Jonathan Holmes, glancing at the crowd gathered in T102 on Monday morning. “Wednesday is quieter, but Friday is the busiest day. More people prefer to come out on that day.”

Pamela George, a representative from financial aid, on the morning of March 10 in T-building, gave a presentation on OSAP, explaining what it is and how it works. She ensured the visitors that every aspect of college life should be considered before finalizing a financial plan.

“It’s not what you want to hear,” George addressed the group, “but it is essential everyone needs to put together a financial plan before they start college and it has to be done carefully.”

Prior to leading the tours, Holmes and his fellow recruitment officer, Jody White, who provided essential information at the start of the first session, answered questions after George’s OSAP presentation.

Asked if Algonquin provided the U-Pass, both Holmes and White assured them that the college does not, but advised the group that bus tickets would be the best choice seeing as everything the students need is close by, unless they decide to live off-campus.

When it came time for tours everyone was divided up into groups depending on what they hoped to study, so the guides could show them the classrooms, buildings, and special facilities associated with the programs.