Problems with maintenance in B-building are affecting school work and motivation for students working in the area.

That’s the view of Andrew Cotter, a mechanical engineering student at Algonquin, who has the majority of his classes in the B-building.

The walls and ceilings are leaking and stairwells and seating areas of the B-building are wet as snow continues to fall and melt. Students who spend most of their time in this area are unhappy the weather will not stay outside.

“The leaks in the B-building are a distraction and a hazard to all students who frequent the area,” said Cotter.

He believes that there is a lack of maintenance, and that the school is slow to respond to the high demand for a fix.

“When I’m walking to class it gives me an uncomfortable feeling having to walk around puddles and leaking ceilings,” Cotter said.

Like other students, Cotter spends an abundance of time studying in the study area that the B-building provides, along with the classes he attends nearby. He has found himself without a spot to sit down and open up his books, as most of the halls are lined with buckets catching the streams and drips of water bouncing down from the ceiling.

Cotter believes that bringing the matter to the attention of the school will solve this issue and any that come in the future. The best way to do that is through the college’s online services.

“Emailing the Registrar’s Office and getting in contact with Physical Resources is the only way these problems will be noticed,” Cotter said. “College maintenance is key for student success and keeping up with my routine.”