By Ian Brannan


Students are being asked to rate the performance of the college, their program and their professors this semester.

The Key Performance Indicators are a series of five surveys that are filled out every year by students either currently enrolled at the college or are alumni of the college. The survey, to be administered Feb. 3 to 14, will be filled out by current students, and will be moderated by specifically chosen professors. It is a program mandated by the government to be done every year.

Last year, the college enjoyed success with the KPIs, with students properly educated about how to fill out the survey.

This new instruction saw a dramatic decrease the amount of surveys discarded due to improperly filling out the survey,” explained Marketing Officer/Recruiter Janice Pryce. “Algonquin College has seen its highest rank in years, with it ranking first in all of the colleges over 10,000 students and ranking in the top five in all colleges in Ontario, landing above average in student satisfaction, scoring 81.5 per cent in comparison to the provincial average of 77.1 per cent.”