The introduction of Algonquin College’s new campus in Kuwait has caused concern about its potential success after reports revealed financial loss for the college’s Saudi Arabia campus.

Algonquin College’s president, Cheryl Jensen, addressed a class of first-year journalism students on Jan. 8, 2015 regarding the financial challenges of both international campuses.

Jensen expressed her confidence in the Kuwait campus due to its differing operational model compared to Saudi Arabia.

“I don’t have the same start up concerns about Kuwait,” said Jensen.

The Saudi Arabia campus has been losing money since the campus opened a couple years ago, but Jensen assured that the situation was being monitored.

“We’re making great strides to improve the financial situation that we’re seeing there,” said Jensen. “Some of our business projections were based on assumptions that have been difficult to achieve, but it’s early.”

Jensen is travelling  to both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait because she believes as president it’s important that she sets foot on the ground and can see first-hand what’s happening. Meetings are scheduled with officials in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Jensen will consistently report back to the board on the campus’ financial situation.