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Matthew Morling is a student in the human resources management graduate program.

By Emma Hyde

The human resources management (HRM) graduate program, now in its second year, is meant to train students to be effective human resources managers in their chosen field.

It is the only one offered to students who have previously graduated from either college or university.

“We’re so proud of our program,” said Carol Ann Samhaber, a professor and coordinator in the HRM program. “It’s very career-oriented and gives a good idea of a day in the life.”

Students will be trained in the various areas that come along with human resources, such as employee relations, occupational health and safety and how to help businesses create recruiting plans.

Unlike university courses, the HRM graduate program allows students to build teamwork skills and work on various assignments that are more true to the nature of the business.

Rather than using their theoretical knowledge on exams and essays, it is intended to provide a more practical approach.

“I’d definitely recommend it, I’d just tell people to prepare themselves,” said Matthew Morling, a current student in the HRM graduate program. “It was about 10 times more intense than I expected it to be.”

The rigorous one-year program allows students with an undergraduate degree to also make their way towards their Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) accreditation.

The program allows students to incorporate their knowledge and skills from their previous area of study, such as psychology or business, and apply it to human resources management.

A field placement is also available through the program.

“It’s an area with lots of opportunities, because almost every business needs HR,” said Jillian Joyce, a student in the program.