Matthew Chidley
Matthew Chidley
Matthew Chidley

Algonquin has partnered with one of the biggest software companies in the world to offer its leading edge course to students who are entering the information technology field.

“They’ve given us access to that curriculum, and in exchange the person teaching it has to attend one of their certification courses and pass a test to get that certification,” explained Shawn McBride, co-ordinator for the computer systems technician and technology program.“They provide all of that free of charge.”

“It’s a mutual beneficial thing,” McBride said. “Our students get to use the latest and greatest equipment and they get to access this curriculum. If they were to take this course from Aruba it’s $2,500.”

Yasser Nor, a computer engineering technology – computing science student, is in favor of partnerships like these.

“I think that Algonquin partnering with technology companies is a very good step,” said Nor. “If we can be trained in the latest technology available to us today, it will give Algonquin students have the edge over students form other colleges. We would be better prepared and familiar with the latest tools in our chosen profession.”

Matthew Chidley, a second year computer engineering technology – computing science program student, agrees.

“These types of partnerships really benefit the students,” said Chidley. “Because not only do we gain access to new technology, but we also have the opportunity to learn what’s in demand.”

McBride also emphasized how important it is for students to have the latest technology available to them.

“They’re getting graduates who are ready to write their test for the certification exam,” said McBride. “And we get to expose our students to state of the art equipment.”

McBride explained the importance of the certification for students.

“In terms of job prospects, which is our ultimate goal, there’s three things a student wants to have; a piece of paper to show you’ve received some post-secondary education, a certification if you can, and work experience.”