Animation students Josh Ivans, Natasha Belovich and Katie Brown won best costumes for the third-years part of the contest. Photo credit: Asen Aleksandrov

Monsters and TV characters walked around Algonquin’s hallways on Oct. 31, chatting amongst themselves and occasionally stopping to pose for a photograph. Most of them were headed to the Centre for Construction Excellence where the Algonquin animation program held their annual Halloween costume contest.


Every Halloween students from every level of the program gather in room C105. “We used to do it at N100, but the program has grown so much,” said animation program coordinator Neil Hunter. “We had to come down here. My guess is about a 160 people [are in attendance], which isn’t everybody in the program.” This year’s contest had the biggest turnout to date.


“I don’t know [whose idea it was], we started it about ten years ago. It just grew and grew and grew,” said Paul West, who is also an animation program coordinator. He spoke against the backdrop of excited chatter and laughter that filled the room. The contest had just ended, but people were still filing into the room to take a peek at the menagerie or characters.


“We had a Jessica Rabbit one time. That was really good,” Hunter said, recalling some of the wilder costumes from the contest’s past. “We had one guy build a Bumblebee transformer outfit, it was awesome. He built it from scratch.”


Among the crowd could be spotted two princesses Mononoke…


…and at least four Bob Ross-es:


The animation program’s faculty seemed to be having lots of fun judging the contest:


This gang of meddling kids got first place in the third-years’ category:


Steve Harrington won best costume of the event:


Disney and Pixar teamed up for this memorable collaboration, presented by first-years Nina Contreras and Nicholas McDaniel: