By: Brad Fougere

Dropping profit margins in food and beverage operations greet the incoming board of directors, pictured. They will inherit healthy books in May.

A downturn in student drinking habits, a sour contract for field time at the soccer facility and higher administrative costs were challenges for the Student Association in 2011-12. However, that didn’t stop them from coming in under budget according to financial statements released at the association annual general meeting on March 6.

The challenges were offset by higher than anticipated student fees from higher enrollment and collection from an outstanding $1 million in accounts receivable.

Pub receipts at the campus operations in Pembrooke and Ottawa were down 4.25 per cent to approximately $740,000. The reasons, according to Stafford Rollocks SA controller, stem from the SA’s reluctance to push alcohol on patrons of the campus pubs. The pubs allow students to gather without purchasing demands. They also do not encourage binge drinking by restricting draught sales by not offering pitchers.

A minor dispute regarding $60,000 in field booking fees with the Ottawa Nepean Touch Football League accounts for most of the shortfalls that facility reported. Repayment terms have been arranged for the 2012-13 budget year. Lower than anticipated bookings by the Ottawa Fury Soccer Club also impacted the budget. These lead to 14 per cent drop from the approximately $550,000 budgeted revenues for the facilities. That combined with expenses of nearly $1.5 million left the athletic program with a nearly $1 million shortfall in spite of $200,000 in annual funding from the college.

A portion of the bank loan for the student commons building appears on the budget in the form of $12 million dollar loan added to the remaining debt from the soccer facility, amongst other debts.

Capital spending projects continue dotting the future of the Algonquin SA. Plans to replace the surface at the soccer facility and construction of a new gymnasium are in the works.