The annual Frosh Carnival provided an alternative to typical alcohol-inspired frosh events to the Student Commons in the form of a midway-style carnival on Sept. 14.

The event saw inflatable structures, cotton candy and popcorn vendors, sponsor tents and hundreds of students filling the inside and outside of the Commons.

The carnival came to Algonquin to provide “an alternative to drinking” and “a positive experience for the first week of school,” said Aly Paisley, account director of Hart Entertainment, the parent company of Frosh Carnival.

“We want students to have the best time with their best friends, and say ‘I like it here.’”

Among the inflatable structures were a volcano to climb, a structure with a spinning bar to jump over and a competitive obstacle course called the Adrenaline Rush.

The latter activity caught the attention of first-year mechanical engineering technician student Nathan Schut.

“It was a blast,” he said, before explaining the game’s rules. “It’s a race. You jump through the hole, run through the obstacles to the back and slide down the ramp.”

Inside the Commons, sponsors including Cineplex, Hudson’s Bay and Hakim Optical had tents with volunteers handing out flyers and coupons.

“We want to give students deals on the brands they need,” said Paisley.

First-year cabinet making student Brodie Mackay was particularly enthusiastic about the carnival.

“I’m having so much fun,” said Mackay. “I’ve tried everything here.”

Mackay’s favourite activity was an indoor platform with a spinning bar — “and the 10 per cent off lipstick coupon,” — he joked.

The Frosh Carnival visits 25 to 30 schools in Ontario per year.