By  Brian Craddock


Dealing with money can be a terrifying proposition. Fortunately Algonquin has its own club dedicated to helping students understand money.

Headed up by business administration students Vicky Kotow and Sagal Hachi, the president and vice-president respectively, the finance club is responsible for trying bringing fiscal literacy to Algonquin’s student body in a variety of ways. Throughout the year, the financial club holds a variety of events, typically one every month, each spearheaded by one of the members of the board of directors.

The club aids students by putting them into contact with experts in a variety of fields, like accounting and HR, with the intent of helping them become “at ease with money,” according to president Vicky Kotow. The club also offers assistance with understanding things like investments and puts students in contanct with professionals.

According to Kotow, every month this semester the finance club is planning to hold a special event planned by one member of the directors to try to drum up financial literacy amongst Algonquin’s student body.

“Last semester our big event was the networking event. We had about 12 employers come, and it was like speed-dating. They got to sit down for five or 10 minutes, they left their resumes, got to ask whatever questions they wanted answered about jobs they had available and what kind of work they do.” said business administation student Kally Greenaway, a member of the club’s board.

According to Greenaway, some people who attended the meeting even came away with new jobs.

Later this sememster, the club is planning a form of elevator pitch party where students are given a limited amount of time, no longer than a typical trip in an elevator, to pitch something to a panel of financial experts, including several members of Algonquin’s staff and faculty including Michael Callahan and Steve McBride.

In addition to the elevator pitch event, the club is planning what they call the “Alphabet Soup” event, this one gearied more towards business students, where they can come and learn about the different designations in different aspects of the financial industry.

This March 3rd, the club is holding a meet and greet, where Algonquin students can come, meet the club’s board, and talk to them about who the club is, and what they do.

The club is also in the midst of of planning various other events. According to Justin Benoit, a new member of the club who joined this year, the finance club offers a great way to give back to the Algonquin community.

“I knew I wanted to volunteer,” Benoit says.

He is is currently trying to plan a resume writing workshop to be held this semester, to aid students in creating an effective resume in preparation for entering the job market.