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By Alexandra Moscato


From the first time Kyle Landry heard trance music he was hooked.

It’s rare to see him without blaring headphones, listening to the music that would soon become his personal journey and future career.

Landry’s journey began when he started working with DNA Presents, a promotions company that hosts events for the electronic music industry in Ottawa, three years ago. He got to work with them behind the scenes and got to see first-hand the hard work that goes on behind the shows.

The pressures of wondering if enough tickets will be sold, setting up the venue, and wondering if the DJs were going to make it on time were some of the stresses he endured.

“There’s so much more to these events that people don’t realize. It exhilarates me,” he said.

In 2013, Landry decided to take the event management program at Algonquin to learn the more technical side of the music he grew to love. Although he learnt a lot on his own, the program taught him the professional tactics he needed to be successful.

“I can’t just like the music and expect to run the events,” he said.

While still working with DNA, Landry wanted to apply his knowledge and make a company of his own.

“It all started out as an experiment, a passion for me. I had nothing to lose. I had money saved up, so I thought I’d take a risk.”

Before taking the next step in starting his own company, he respectfully asked DNA for the permission to go along with his plan, as to not step on any toes while stepping up as the competition. Once he got the okay from DNA, he founded OTS productions in September 2012.

As Landry’s company was growing and becoming prominent in the Ottawa rave community, OTS had become one of DNA’s top competitors. To continue the respectful relationship, they made an arrangement to collaborate on the shows together.

They now hold an event once a month called “This is Trancemission,” where they bring international up and coming DJs in the trance industry to Ottawa night clubs like Era and Barrymore’s.

Besides his business, he’s also trying to build up his personal DJ career, making tracks on the side whenever he’s not busy with OTS.

“As a DJ, Kyle knows what it takes to get a crowd dancing. Set after set he continues to exemplify a keen understanding of proper song selection. You can imagine how this translates in to our studio productions,” said Tyler “Tidal” Robillard, Landry’s friends he produces with.

He’s gotten the opportunity to open up for many shows in Canada and even some in the U.S.

“Realistically my dream for years has been to be a music producer and to play shows all over the world,” said Landry.

Right now his business and personal life don’t conflict, they help each other out. While working in the business he’s meeting DJs that are becoming international stars, and are helping him by looking over his tracks to give the best feedback, before sending it to the major labels.

“There’s some days I’m ready to give up, then there’s days I realize I’m not your average 21-year-old. I’m running my own business. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. Nothing comes easy in life.”