SA President-elect Deijanelle Simon and her opponent Michael Wollf enjoy some celebratory cupcakes together.

After a week of voting, the results of the Algonquin College Students’ Association’s presidential election were announced in the Observatory on April 6.

Deijanelle Simon, a first year Advertising Marketing and Communication Management student, captured the win with 657 votes against her opponent Michael Wolff, an Early Learning and Community Development student, with 538 votes.

Simon’s acceptance speech was short, sweet, and punctuated by nervous giggles, but was more than happy to stay around and speak with her new constituents and colleagues in the crowd, including Cheryl Jensen and other members of the college’s board of directors.

“I finally got to calm down, I’m not shaking anymore,” said Simon, “I’m so glad that I’m in this position and get to have this platform.”

Simon is excited to get to work once the transition is over.

“I still want to follow through on my platform,” she said. “Physical and mental health among students…transparency among the board…as well as helping better bridge the gap between students and alumni.”

Her top priority is to make sure that students are heard.

“Day one, I want to get out and talk to the students, hearing their thoughts and concerns then bring it to the table and make it happen.”

There was obviously no animosity between the two candidates as they enjoyed the green and white icing-topped cupcakes provided by the SA.

“I’m really excited Deijanelle won; one of us had to win, and she deserved it,” Wolff said. “I’m still a vote on the board so I’m excited to serve for the next year.”

Also elected to the position of vice president of the SA is Kanwalnain Kaur, who seemed equally as happy for Simon as she was for herself.

“She’s amazing, I’m so happy for her, our duo working together is going to be amazing.”