Students walk the halls of Algonquins newest bulding, the DARE district. Officially opened May 3, the building is a hub for students needs and the home of the library.

A low murmur can be heard through the DARE district replacing what once was loud banging and drilling. Algonquin’s newest building is officially open and in use by students.

“It’s a multi-use space, we didn’t just build one building for one singular purpose,” said Todd Schonewille, director of Physical Resources.

The space was made to localize all of the student’s needs in one easy, accessible place. The space contains everything from the registrar’s office to A/V recording studio. Some of the most prominent features are the indigenous commons, energy innovations centre, staff training space, student services, immense study area and the library.

“The library offers students an all-in-one shop of services and technology-enhanced creative spaces that support the multitude of modes of teaching and learning,” said Tammy Thornton, manager of the library, and peer tutoring and student learning centre. “It is a place where students feel secure and supported by caring professionals who help them explore and build skills for success.”

The library is a major focus for the space but there are a few other hidden gems that students may find useful.

For example, some more obvious, but very useful, tools are print shops and meeting spaces which are featured on every floor of the building. A more hidden feature is a full A/V recording studio found on the first floor in between the two side staircases. There are also two makerspaces located on the second floor, one high tech and one low tech, both along the wall closer to the registrar’s office side of the building.

And if students are looking for silent study, that is on the top floor in a secluded room on the far side of the building when you come up the main staircase.

Overall there is a lot for students to find in the new building and it will take a lot of exploring to find your own special hidden gems.