Indigenous walking tours as well as dream catcher and hand drum making lessons are just a few of the plans in store for Algonquin’s newest club, Cr8tive N8tives.

Started by Aboriginal studies student Celeste Larocque, the group has a simple goal.

“We want to show and teach Aboriginal culture to anyone that is willing to learn,” she said. “That means any race.”

Larocque got the idea for the group from Elena Abel, activities coordinator for the Mamidosewin Centre.

“It was her idea but she can’t run a student club,” Larocque said. “I just took it from the ground running.”

Abel trusts the club in Celeste’s hands.

“At the Mamidosewin Centre, we try to encourage and support Aboriginal students to take on leadership activities at the college,” said Abel. “I suggested that she create a new club through the SA. We’re happy to see the formation of the club, and look forward to promoting her upcoming activities.”

The group only has about 10 members so far. Larocque will graduate from her program this year and hopes to find someone else to run the club.

“Interest is there though,” she said. “I get a lot of questions. Being so new, people are interested and want to know more.”

Larocque, who is Metis herself, is very invested in the life of Aboriginals. After finishing her program at the college, she hopes to go to university to continue her studies.

“It sounds cliché, but I really want to help Aboriginal youths get off the street.”