A green economy may sound like a nice term, but between the endless amount of printed paper, needed textbooks and supplies wrapped and boxed, how do people contribute to a cleaner day-to-day world?

Algonquin offers a general education online course called sustainability education. This course provides students with knowledge on what exactly sustainability means and how to achieve it in order to reach that greener lifestyle.

“You hear the word sustainability all the time. But what exactly does that mean?” said Sarah Dehler, the sustainability coordinator. “It can be confusing. And this course can help guide the students and give them a better sense of what we mean by that term.”

Dehler believes this course can not only help people become better citizens, but help reach that clean economy that’s much needed. This course includes ways to contribute to a sustainable environment and ways that Algonquin is contributing in order to help stay green.

Some programs use this course as a requirement within certain courses.

“It forces them to acknowledge their impact on the world in a career setting,” said Angela Lyrette, coordinator and professor in the School of Business. She added this module for the first time last September and has seen an impressive impact.

“It makes the students feel as if they have some power to change things,” she said. Whether that mean printing less, recycling or composting in their career field, students feel more inclined to do so. “I can see them comfortable with sustainability and really making a difference.”

Currently, the course is divided into two sections. Module one launched over a year ago and had many students, staff and faculty interested and eager in continuing. Module two will be launched this upcoming April, right around Earth Day.

According to Dehler, it is possible to complete module one in a timeframe of 45 minutes to one hour.

Completing this course will also give the person an option to add this to their co-curricular record (CCR).

CCR is an Algonquin College resource that helps students track their college-affiliated volunteer work and involvement within the school. “It is an important topic in today’s society, so by adding this to your CCR you’ll really stand out as a candidate,” said Dehler.