It’s your first date with the cutest guy in your class. Things are going well and you’re sitting on the couch, knee-to-knee, looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, he leans in and asks “can I kiss you?”

You laugh, maybe out of awkwardness; you’ve never been asked that before.

“Can I Kiss You?” is a presentation and book by American author Mike Domitrz. He brings his lectures to colleges, universities, and even the military all around the world.  Domitrz came to the Student Commons Nov. 25, and returning again on Jan. 12.

When it comes to dating, Domitrz challenges people to ask for consent before you engage in any form of intimate activity – even kissing.

Dating by nature can be awkward, Domitrz said,  and by asking someone to kiss them you’re not only giving them an option, but also willing to accept the answer, whatever it is.

“It is not the question that is awkward,” said Domitrz. “It is your lack of confidence that is awkward.”

As the brother of a sexual assault survivor Domitrz has the voice and activism to take his message of safe dating and consent around the world.

“We’ve never been given a verbal set about sexual intimacy,” said Domitriz, explaining that the extent of most sex education classes consist of telling students what not to do, as opposed to what they’re supposed to do.

The talk, sponsored by Algonquin ResLife, included a presentation, skits and humour, but overall it contained an empowering message with real life education on how to recognize and prevent sexual assault.

Throughout the evening, Domitrz demystified the reasons people give for not intervening during instances of potential sexual assault at a party. And in turn that gave the audience direction on how to approach the situation.

“Human beings have no problems with confrontation, as long as we believe the confrontation is worth it,” said Domitrz. “Our DNA is wired to care about each other, it’s our business