By Jennifer Wallace

When Steeped and Infused tea shop first opened at Algonquin, it provided students with different cupcakes, all natural and organic teas, truffles, chocolates, shakes and more.

Renovations were done in the Campus bookstore and a design team worked on creating Steeped and Infused; the first tea shop to ever open at the college.

Steeped and Infused opened during the last week of September 2012. “It’s Tea Time!” is its motto.

“We’re the only location in Ottawa, and there are three locations in Toronto,” said Ashish Talwar, manager of the campus bookstore.

Emily Quinn enrolled in the college’s level one tea course prior to getting hired at Steeped and Infused.

“I’ve been with the bookstore for over a year now and when we did the renovations, I was given an opportunity to work here,” said Quinn.

“One of the best things we offer is the Perka Program, where you buy 10 of something and after you’ve bought 10 you get one of that item free,” Quinn said.

“The quality is what we’re known here for, with loose leaf teas and our cupcakes are made with all natural ingredients,” said Talwar. “Steeped Infused is known for doing really well with their tea, hot chocolate, cupcakes and students especially love Rockie Road Brownie.”

“I love their scones, they’re very good, and I especially like the candy,” said Emile Mccormick, second-year ECE student.

“I love their cupcakes,” said Sagal Hachi, second-year business administration student.

“During the week of Valentines we have a combo deal where you get a tea or latte or whatever drink you want and a pastry for 30 per cent off,” said Quinn.

Students who really like their products can buy bags of tea and bring it home and make it themselves. The small packets of tea make about three cups. It requires a disposable tea filter -which is what the businesses use -or a tea infuser.

“We can measure any size tea and there’s different sizes of bags,” said Tammie Pecore, another employee at Steeped and Infused. They sell big packs of filters in packs of 20 or 100.

The rush of their day starts around noon and is steady for the rest of the day.

Steeped and Infused is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. and they have their own cupcake lounge located beside the tea shop for students to enjoy their treats.