Hockey, Beavertails, hot chocolate and a whole lot of Canadian music.

Those are the things that Algonquin College used to welcome International students to Canada and its cold winters.

The AC Hub hosted its Canadian version of the Global Village on Nov. 25, when it welcomed students to join in and get to know each other over a few traditional Canadian customs.

“They’re all happy,” said Ben Dinh, a professor in the Event Management program.

After students enjoyed free Beavertails and hot chocolate, they were encouraged to test their hockey skills by taking shots on a hockey net, borrowed from residence, that was set up in the Hub.

As Canadian artists played on the speakers, students were able to take up to 12 shots on the net, aiming to hit various targets in the corners for points. The top two targets were worth four points, the bottom two worth two points and a regular goal was worth one point.

“It’s aimed at International students learning about Canada and feeling welcome,” said Audrey Rosa, from counseling services. “It’s a fun way of introducing what’s good about Canada and its winters.”

After taking their 12 shots, students would add up their score and receive that number of ballots to enter in a draw to win a pair of tickets to a Senators Game.

In the centre of the net, there was a plastic dummy sporting a Montreal Canadiens jersey that served as a goalie.

As some students took shot after shot on the small plastic net, others had the chance to write what they loved most about Canada or what they were most looking forward to about the upcoming winter on the glass walls of the Hub.

Organizers were handing out wallet-sized pamphlets meant to inform students on where they could find various services, such as counseling, health, and employment services.

On their way out, students were welcome to collect a free pair of gloves or a hat provided by the college.

“They’re for anyone who hasn’t had time or can’t find the funds,” said Sophia Bouris, an Algonquin marketing officer. “We’re just getting ready for winter.”