Kyle Scott, medical device reprocessing coordinator, pictured with medical tools.

By Mat Labranche

Kyle Scott, medical device reprocessing coordinator, pictured with medical tools.

Medical device reprocessing is one of the latest new programs the college is offering.

A one-year Ontario College Certificate program, the new Health and Community Studies program differentiates itself from the others offered by the college because it focuses more so on the equipment rather than the patient.

Students are taught, amoung many things, how to properly sterilize, assemble and store medical equipment, with the main goal for students being learning infection prevention.

“It is very important for students to learn how to do this when you think of how easy it can be for an outbreak to occur,” said Kyle Scott, the medical device reprocessing program co-ordinator.

The program is taught in hybrid format, which combines in-class and online learnings.

“The labs benefit the students the most, because they simulate the working environment as much as possible,” said Scott.

This is done by getting the students familiar with required materials and terms.

They then have them engage in workplace scenarios where they carry out specific processes to practice sterilization.

Students can find employment as medical device reprocessing technicians in sectors ranging from hospitals to dental clinics.

In addition, graduates can make very high beginning salaries.

“They can earn a base hourly wage of about $25 to $26 right out of college,” said Scott.

There is a maximum of 35 spots in the program, with some still available for this year.

Anyone who is interested should visit the Algonquin website or contact the School of Health and Community Studies at 613-727-4723 ext. 7776.