When the radio station had speaker problems at the beginning of the night and the music hadn’t started by the time people started arriving to the CKDJ costume contest Oct. 20, that didn’t faze the dancers.

Eager to have a good time, the small crowd of about 15 people started dancing away to silence until the music began.

A duo made up of two clowns, one with a mask and one with a necklace of skulls, along side a student dressed up as the Joker from Batman, had the dance floor moving to songs like Monster Mash and the Ghostbusters theme song.

They broke out some glow sticks and just kept dancing as more students dressed in costumes like Maleficent and a police officer came to join.

CKDJ decorated the cafeteria with cutouts of various monsters, such as werewolves, ghosts, skeletons and zombies.

They carved a pumpkin with the CKDJ logo in it, and had spiderwebs hanging from their booth.

The DJ sat at a table covered in a jack-o-lantern tablecloth as the Halloween themed songs played.

The radio station offered prizes such as a $100 gift card to Value Village, and a $75 gift card to Monster Halloween in Barrhaven.

Blade Millar, a theatre arts student dressed as the Joker, decided to enter the contest after being dressed up and having his face painted during a make up seminar earlier that day.

“It was really just a coincidence,” said Millar.

Nick Montreuil, an electrical engineering student, and Jake Waters, a construction engineering student, dressed in matching clown costumes.

Veronica Vary, an animation student, showed up a bit late to the party, but was fully dressed in her Maleficent costume that impressed much of the crowd.

Some of the students hosting wore the masquerade masks provided, but no one seemed to want to touch the fake blood.