Students more than anyone know what it’s like dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, especially now with mid-terms.

Algonquin Student Services is helping students combat this head on by offering some much needed tips and techniques in the Chill Café every Monday from 3-5 p.m.

The session began with ambient serene meditation music followed by a breathing exercise taught by Andrea Fox, an intake worker with Student services. Fox teaches groups of students how to better manage stress and anxiety in their lives. She also teaches students how to do meditation.

“When you first practice mindfulness, it is normal for your brain to wander, with practice your meditation and focus will become stronger,” said Fox

She discussed the concept of core beliefs which is simply a belief you hold to be true. These beliefs are usually formed when you are young.

An example of a core belief would be if you believed you were stupid, or smart, a failure or a success. These core beliefs can be changed over time with cognitive therapy.

Out of everyone who gets treated for mental health issues, 70 per cent of those people have problems dealing with anxiety.

“For me, it’s starting to help me identify my anxiety, if I can’t control something and that’s going to cause anxiety then there is no point in me over thinking it,” said Geni Triantis, a Graphic design student in second year.

Students find that attending the workshop has helped them with their productivity.

“I wanted to have my Mondays off to be more productive but by coming here, I’m learning skills to be more productive, especially the mindfulness and meditation,” said Deborah Rowe, a business administration student.

Fox suggests writing out your schedule for the month for students who deal with anxiety.

“Lists are a gift for students who suffer from anxiety.”

The workshop ended with another meditation and the students calmly left the room.