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By Connor Lynch

If some students have their way you may be getting your diploma from your favourite professor at next year’s convocation.

This was one of the ideas pitched at the convocation consultation on Thursday Mar. 6, as part of an initiative for students to pitch their ideas to change the convocation ceremonies.

The consultation is the first “complete review” of convocation, said Christine Brennan, events manager. It invites students, alumni, and faculty to offer suggestions, both in person and through an online survey.

The session, led by Sheri Hord, a private consultant, was one of the first that had a strong student draw, said Brennan.

The initial sessions focused on developing what the students felt the purpose of convocation is. Later sessions, taking place on March 25 and 31, will have a more practical focus.

The most repeated statement was an emphasis on the personal nature of convocation. “I think there should be a choice of who hands you the diploma,” said Egal Hassan, who is currently in the business marketing program.

A student from the police foundations program supported the idea, saying “I don’t want the fire chief handing me a diploma.”

Surveys have been sent out previously every four years, which have sparked their own changes. For instance, a suggestion by a student “that organ music is kind of boring,” resulted in the college bringing in a grand piano instead.

Many of the other comments had to do with the speakers that the students wanted for the event. “(Do) not have random people speaking – (have) people relevant to the program,” said one student.

Another common sentiment was efficiency. “Our number one thing; organized and timely,” chimed in another group of students.

Despite an admonition from the start, more than a few students mentioned alcohol. “Booze is the easy answer,” said one student at the very beginning of the session, and at the end, when Hord asked if anything else came to mind, another student replied “music and booze.”