By Taylor Fong

Safety and Security Services launched a new program to help combat locker thefts.

The Locker Protection Program has fitted random lockers across campus with alarms that will sound if a locker is forced open. It’s supposed to notify everyone in the area as well as nearby security staff that a theft or break in is occurring.

The program began because security staff began noticing an increasing number of locker thefts across campus. Plenty of off-season research showed the program was successful at other institutes. Algonquin adopted it as well.

While Patricia Eng, Security Services Supervisor, didn’t want to divulge the exact number of alarms in use on campus, she did say there are “several.”

They also said there’s no specific building targeted, as the thefts happen at random across campus.

The lockers are broken into a different number of ways, such as “twisting, breaking and cutting locks or muscling the door open,” says Ehsan Roshan, Safety and Security Services investigator.

It is not believed that specific lockers are targeted for their contents, but rather the hope that it will pay off with a big score.

The new program is not supposed to be viewed as a solution, but as an impediment. It’s also not supposed to be the first and only line of defence.

People have a false sense of security because they put a lock on their locker,” said Patricia Eng.

Eng continued that students will often visit the campus bookstore and in true student fashion, choose the cheapest lock they can find. Usually this lock is a small luggage lock that is easily breakable.

Eng and Roshan both emphasized and agreed: “The best deterrent is a good secure lock.”

Students are asked to report thefts immediately to the security office in room C128, or calling 613-727-4723 ext. 5000.