This sectioned off hallway on the third floor of C-building remained closed due to a burst pipe Feb. 5.

The college’s Financial Aid and Student Awards office was closed off briefly Monday afternoon.

Security closed off a section of the second and third floor of C-building hallway due to a burst pipe. Earl Green, manager of security services said there was minimal damage to the section of the floors affected.

The pipe burst because it was frozen, and maintenance people were quickly on the scene. By 4 p.m the caution tape on the second floor of C-building had been removed and replaced with caution signs on the floor.

Marketing offices on the third floor of C-building remained closed off Tuesday, forcing some employees to relocate to other parts of the school.

“Four employees have been displaced but are still working in other parts of the college,” Alex Beshara, brand manager for the college, said.

Tuesday half of the marketing office is sectioned off by a tarp put up by contractors while the other half remained working. Physical resources expected the employees on the third floor to be displaced for about one to two days.

By Thursday morning the damage had been resolved and all employees affected by the burst pipe are back work.

The quick return to business as usual indicates that a full renovation for the half of the office most affected by the burst pipe will not be necessary. There was little to no damage to the second floor offices closed off on Monday afternoon, just some occasional dripping from the damage upstairs.