By Jennifer Wallace

Every year, students find new opportunities through the Campus Ministry located in the Spiritual Centre. They can be leaders in prayers, bible practices, and community programs. One of this year’s opportunities is for administrative volunteer assistant.

Volunteers from churches and other organizations outside of the college and students on Campus, bring their gifts and talents to the table to volunteer their time. Anyone can join.

“We have the interview process, but we have other opportunities as well,” said Yuriy Derkach, a chaplain and coordinator of the Spiritual Centre.

Some of the tasks include updating the Campus Ministry website and using office software, office management procedures, maintaining social networking sites, preparing email newsletters and even assisting with ACCM (Algonquin College Campus Ministry) board meetings.

“It’s been a wonderful experience to meet a lot of different students and bring community together and people can come and learn from each other,” said Kathy McGee, one of the volunteers with the ministry. She also gets to greet students when they come to the center and if they have a particular need she can refer them.

McGee also explained they brought in two new ministries, music and books, and they’re going to get a full digital piano for the centre so students can engage instrumentally.

“Students learn it doesn’t become just about yourself, but the shift happens when they learn to give to other people,” Derkach said.

The great thing is, students can learn from other role models and might start bringing in some friends to become a part of something special too.

Students aren’t only volunteers, but active participants in the ministry. They can learn to help assist in liturgy preparation, giving a positive image within their own faith, helping those who come to the ministry with difficult circumstances and providing an overall welcoming presence in the office.

“This is good for students who want to be involved as Christians and take that extra step and commitment,” said Derkach. He explained this would hopefully spark people’s interest to connect with the Campus Ministry.

This position will go for approximately one year or a single semester, and although it’s not a pastoral care or counselling position, the student will gain valuable volunteer experience that they can even find helpful in their future employment.

Students can also look forward to being able to sing and play instruments in the Campus Ministry this fall in the new music ministry, read some new books their bringing in and share with people who have been involved for a long time.

“It’s a great opportunity for any student and involves a lot of work on the campus,” said McGee.

In this position students will also have access to things like an office, telephone and computer. They have to regularly communicate with the campus chaplain and their hours are negotiable due to the amount of school work they have.