By: Steven Chmielash

The Gallardo LP 570-40 Superleggera on display at the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show from March 21-24. It sells for approximately $240,000.

The 2013 Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show cruised in and out of the convention centre as 25 car manufacturers and over 250 vehicles in six pavilions were on display from March 21-24.

The weekend not only provided entertainment for people to check out the latest car models but it was also an opportunity for potential  buyers to walk around and see a wide array of cars under one roof.

The show attempts to provide something for everyone. “There are cars here, I think probably, the least expensive car is maybe around $12,000 and the most expensive car that I know of here is about $529,000 and that would be the Lamborghini Aventador,” said show producer, Peter Ginsberg.

Since summer is in the not-so-distant future, some students are preparing to start their summer jobs, earn some much needed money to fill their pockets and potential save up to make a significant purchase.

Who knows? A car perhaps.

Despite the display of exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Fisker Karma, Tesla, Lotus and Ferraris, the average person can’t afford these luxurious vehicles.

Whether you are someone on a budget or student alike, many will target the cars that are the least expensive and won’t break the bank too much.

It’s not a long list of requirements that the average student needs in a car. It has to be affordable, something simple, fuel-efficient and above all else, a safe car that will get you from point A to B.

Many product specialists at the show offered some much needed advice to prospective student buyers, like Nicolas Benoit, a General Motors representative, said that you “might want to look at the warranty, what kind of warranty they’re looking for in a vehicle, of course security like I’m a dad so… it applies to me, it’s nice to have good security.”

While other product specialists, like Mary Jackson from Mazda, said that students should “do your homework. Don’t get caught up in payments because if something’s $5 cheaper a month but you’re in the shop more often, it doesn’t work out.”

What differentiates tis auto show from others is that they don’t allow sales associates at the convention centre. Instead, they have product specialists from each of the manufacturers.

“We don’t even allow sales activity in the show,” said Ginsberg. “It’s information gathering in a low-key, no pressure environment.”

“It’s very efficient use of your time. You come here in two hours, if you have the time, you can accomplish what it would take you probably weeks to make your way around to dealerships,” said Ginsberg.