Algonquin’s Animal Health Care Facility Evacuated

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, students and staff inside Algonquin’s V building were evacuated to a safe area outside.

  1. In an unexpected turn of events, Algonquin Times reporters Rory MacDonald-Gauthier and Rachel Aiello found themselves in the middle of a quarantined zone outside Algonquin’s V building. Dali Carmichael, a fellow journalist, reported and photographed outside the zone.
  2. Students and staff evacuated from .@AlgonquinColleg vet tech building. Emergency staff say a call was placed, some people sick #algstories
  3. Students have been quarantined, anyone in the vet tech building must stay behind police tape #algstories…
  4. According to witnesses, several students fainted or felt faint. Animals have been evacuated as well #algstories…
  5. First responders quarantined students outside vettech building. I’m one of them #algstories
  6. Overheard: A police officer on site said $7 million worth of emergency equipment has shown up #algstories…
  7. It looks like a hazmat tent has been set up. Not sure if anybody is inside #algstories…
  8. Investigators in hazmat suis have just entered .@AlgonquinColleg vet tech building #algstories #ottnews…
  9. I’ve been informed that bottled water is en route & if need be, security guards will escort us out of quarantined zone, in groups. #ottnews
  10. Two students fainted earlier today – one at 9 a.m (sent to hospital) & 2 p.m (also sent). Staff noted this and alerted authorities #ottnews
  11. Water being handed out to the quarantined. It’s hot at 24C no shelter for those inside the police tape. #algstories…
  12. An OC Transpo bus is now on the scene which is providing students & staff with water and AC #ottnews
  13. At this point in time the authorities have sent in two different teams of hazmat into V building, to determine what happened. #ottnews
  14. Earl Green, security investigator of Algonquin, says at this time he does not think that there was any sort of foul play. #ottnews
  15. .@AlgonquinColleg vet tech student Carley Rossigol stated her friend fainted around 9-9:30 a.m., thought to be isolated incident #algstories
  16. …when second student went down around 2p.m. paramedics were called. #algstories #ottcity
  17. An official comment stating what the cause of the evacuation has not yet been announced. #ottnews
  18. Green just took a call advising that a 3rd person was sent to hospital and to check if they were in the same classroom as others #ottnews
  19. The hazmat tent has just been taken down by authorities. Green suspects that we will not have to be decontaminated. #ottnews
  20. Gerry Barker .@AlgonquinColleg VP of HR will be making a second statement soon. said earlier that 6-7 stdnts felt faint #algstories #ottnews
  21. First round of air tests completed – results came back inconclusive. Waiting for second test to determine cause for evac. #ottnews
  22. According to HR, 6 or 7 showing symptoms. Most other students left are just anxious for results from test 2. #ottnews
  23. “Things are looking really good. As far as we know they haven’t found anything particularly dangerous (humour)” – Colin Bonang #ottnews
  24. Cheers, will be out soon. Fire/ hazmat lead debriefing students now. Didn’t find anything. More cheers from detained students / staff.
  25. Even checked for radiation and nothing out of ordinary. “It’s a perfectly safe environment” #ottnews
  26. Just got the ok we are free to go. Ian McKinnon captain addressing student concerns #ottnews…
  27. Colin Bonang is the Associate Director of Safety, Security & Emergency Management at Algonquin College.