The stands were packed for the men’s basketball game against the Centennial Colts on Feb. 17. The back and forth game had people sitting at the edge of their seats for the Thunder’s intense, head turning game.

However, their efforts weren’t enough for the men’s basketball team to take home the win. This was the team’s first loss after winning their last three games.

Despite leading for most of the game, the Colts took over in the last quarter, challenging the Thunder to push harder. In the end, it wasn’t enough. The men lost 79-76, with only a three point difference.

“We got to work on keeping up the intensity throughout the whole game,” said Shymar Brewster, guard and forward, when speaking about the points given up.

At the end of the first quarter the game was tied 18-18, keeping the crowd at the edge of their seats. Both teams seemed to be working just as hard. By halftime, the Thunder was leading 43-41. Once the third quarter started, the Colts managed to take back control, and took lead in the fourth quarter.

“We kind of gave it away in the end with some crucial turnovers,” said Trevor Costello, head coach of Algonquin Thunder. “We had a four point lead and turned it over twice. We had two turnovers in the last two minutes which led to automatic buckets for them.”

Costello said the team could have worked on their rebounding and free throws throughout the game, especially the second half.

“We have a lot strong pieces and a lot of good players. It’s just in the stretch we need to come together more and play as a team,” said Thomas Netty, a guard. “In close games like this we should be more collective instead of individual.”

During the game, Kristian Charette led in offence. He earned a total of 23 points by the end of the game, and had three assists. Charette plays guard. Next in points was Brewster, who earned 13 and got two assists. Mike Soy came next, with 10 points all together.