Amina Ismail, 22, attends class full-time along with her placement three days a week at St. Margaret Catholic School.

By Safia Hashi

A three-day-a-week placement on top of full-time classes may seem like a lot to juggle for a second-year student, but Amina Ismail who is in the child and youth worker program enjoys putting her learned skills to practice on the school ground.

“Everything we learn in class I can use in the field,” said Ismail.

From the end of September to mid-April, she attends her placement at St. Margaret Catholic School Monday to Wednesday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m where she deals with students in grades five and six.

This is the first year Algonquin is working with the elementary school.

Through the program, she is able to gain a different perspective on how to be successful in her future career environment. Her role as a youth worker entails interaction with students on a day-to-day level to give emotional, social, and psychological support. The placement is an opportunity to see what it would be like.

“In a nutshell, it is social work focusing on youth. We engage equally with the children and use behavioural approaches to respond to any problems that arise.”

Next year she will meet with child and youth worker agencies in the city to narrow her top three choices.

“I feel as though it’s important to have an individual in place at all schools to engage with children on school-related issues,” said Ismail, determinedly. “I like that I’m able to help.”