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The Algonquin College Muslim Students’ Association is still active, according to Students’ Association general manager Jack Doyle.

Former students and ACMSA members, Awso Peshdary and Khadar Khalib have been charged with terrorism related offences.

Aeden Helmer, in the Feb. 14 edition of the Ottawa Sun, raised the possibility that the ACMSA’s paintball activities were potentially being used as a form of training for Peshdary and Khalib.

A relatively benign activity that is being re-examined since the charges were laid against the two men connected to the ACMSA.

The Times has been unable to reach the ACMSA for comment. Adam Tulul, president of the organization did not respond to request for a statement regarding the allegations.

Because of the lack of response, there was uncertainty as to the club’s status. Jack Doyle, the Students’ Association’s general manager confirmed that the club is still active.

The SA has a policy of only allowing activity fee payers – which is part of tuition – to be members of Algonquin clubs. But there is no screening process to screen people attending clubs that are not current students at Algonquin.

Jack Doyle did not respond when asked if there would be a change in club policy as a result of these recent events. The SA approves all expenditures by clubs. Clubs are given a maximum of $500 per semester for discretionary use.

The money is used to fund events and outings. “We have our clubs coordinator, the requests for funding have to be itemized and put in writing for him,” said Doyle. “He reviews the request to make sure the activities are in line with the purpose of the club.”

The approval of expenditures is the most oversight that the SA has over clubs associated with the college. Patrick Newell has been the clubs coordinator since August. He confirmed that the ACMSA has not made a funding request for paintball.