Algonquins’ Woodroffe campus saw a two per cent jump in international student applications.

College president Cheryl Jensen confirmed the increase in international applications Jan. 12 after discussing career opportunities for international post-graduates.

The International Student Centre says the Canadian government is now offering a lot of liberty and convenience for students, which is appealing to youth around the globe.

Youth from other countries who applied to a program at the Woodroffe campus include Nigeria, Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, and the United States.

The top two countries interested in Algonquin remain the same as previous years. Students from India and China take up the majority of the international student population at the college.

“A lot of these students require an educational edge they don’t have in their own countries,” said Nadia Ramseier, the Marketing Manager for International Student Recruitment. “Toronto is too saturated, Ottawa is quieter and better for families. International students apply for immigration to bring their families over while they study.”

Ramseier believes immigration applications and post-graduate work permit applications among international students is becoming increasingly popular for the 2017 fall after American applications have doubled. The college can expect an increase in American enrolments in coming years and is expecting a continuous steady influx of students from India and China.

The ISC encourages students from around the world to check out Algonquin College. “We’re welcoming, we offer quality education,” Ramseier said. “We provide better prospects and job opportunities.”