Music played in the background as students and faculty gathered together to listen to speeches and watch art be made on the spot on the second floor of the Student Commons to celebrate the grand opening of the AC Hub on Oct. 21.

The Hub is a space for students. Inside, students can hang out, study or get help finding things in the college. The Hub will also be a place to host events such as AC Hub talks, Acoustic Fridays, book signings and pop-up shops. It has been two years in the making.

Among those present was an Algonquin computer science graduate, Eric Chan, who is an artist. He uses his computer to project designs onto a canvas. The computer application understands the weather which decides the colour palette of the piece.

The completed piece will go up on the wall at the Hub.

“The computer decides everything really,” he explained to onlookers. “It’s a mix of fine art and technology. I think it’s a happy accident.”

Many important people to the college were in attendance, from new president Cheryl Jensen all the way to SA president Christina Miller.

“I think this place is fantastic,” Miller said. “It’s engaging for students in an open way. It invites them to think and use creativity. The doors are open for students to meet open-minded people.”

Shelley Styles, who spoke at the event and led development, was very happy with the turnout at the event.

“People are engaged with the new concept,” she said.