Algonquin Reads was founded in 2009 by Helena Merriam, the coordinator of the library and information technician program.

The idea of Algonquin Reads sprouted from a one book, one campus idea that could bring students together, as students are so often so focused on their own programs. It works as one big book club for the school in which students read the Algonquin Reads’ specific book for a school year.

This year it was Alice Munro’s The View from Castle Rock. Students were able to submit pieces, with complete freedom of creative expression, to the critical essay or creative category. For the critical essay category, they can submit an essay or a book review.

For the creative piece, students can submit anything from poems and short stories to artwork. They just have to draw inspiration from the novel of choice – be it elements, storyline or characters, in which they might take one character and put them in a new situation.

The winner of each category claim a prize of $150. This year, about 15 to 20 submissions were received before the contest deadline, March 1.