Level 1 carpentry students Charles Bigras, left, and Tyler Holmes enjoy a beer at the Ob after their afternoon class.

There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a thick, juicy burger from the Ob, or stuffing your face with fluffy waffles and fresh strawberries from the Marketplace Food Court.

Algonquin has a ton of food services for students and staff to choose from. With everything from Booster Juice to Bits ‘n Bytes, the seven food services offered are bound to satisfy any craving a student might have.

Throughout the fall and winter academic terms, there are approximately 170,000 transactions made, according to food and conference services general manager Mary Baxter.

There is no shortage of students on campus who enjoy a treat or two. For the most part, a lot of these treats are small.

“I like to get a bag of treats before class or when I’m in between classes,” said hospitality and management student Clara Di Francesco. For her, grabbing a Lay’s bag of ketchup chips or all dressed Ruffles from the vending machines does the trick, but she tries to cap it at only once a week.

Others are a little more liberal with treating themselves.

“I treat myself on the daily… this is a daily thing,” said business administration student Brett Shaw. “I treat myself more than I should,” he said as he started to laugh.

Shaw likes to grab a Mill St. Organic with his classmate, Ryan Wieczorek who often gets a Goose Island beer and poutine at the Ob. The guys are just two in a large, boisterous room full of students enjoying a beer and the company of friends.

Though the Ob is a bumping place to hang out, law clerk students Nada Khader and Fatima Obeid, believe there is one spot that is the best place for dishing out the most free treats.

“AC Hub always gives out cool stuff,” said Khader, “I would say AC Hub is the best place on campus.” From free coupons to Red Bull, fun activities and free popcorn, they find it their best hangout spot, even on this Tuesday afternoon.

Though there are some great opportunities on campus to score some free goodies, many students seem to be buying a treat for themselves in the form of a drink. Whether it contains alcohol or not, students often seek comfort in a special frappuccino, smoothie or even a simple coffee as the best way to treat themselves.