By: Molly Hanzidiakou

In their second year of massage therapy, Briana Latour practices on fellow student Kayla McCormick during a lab.

It’s midterm time.  Pencils are being sharpened and pens are running out of ink.  Not to mention the stress and frustration of having to memorize what seems to be hundreds of definitions that, of course, will be forgotten as soon as the exam is over.

Once the exam is over, it’s time to unwind.  And, school is the place to do that.

Algonquin is home to programs that allow the public to enjoy relaxation and peace.

Massage therapy, esthetician and hairstyling are just a few of the programs where students and the public to get luxuries like massages, manicures and haircuts.

“Students start to work with clients in the third term of second year,” said Ian Dolmage, a massage therapy professor and the clinic coordinator.

Students in the massage therapy program are able to perform relaxation massages, as well as treatment massages.

General relaxation full body massages can help with stress, depression and anxiety.

“Treatment massages are ones you would find at physiotherapy,” said Dolmage.

Back pain, sprained ankles and scar treatments are just a few areas students cover.

“At the start of the appointment, there is an assessment.  Based on the findings, it would determine what treatment you would have that day,” said Debbie Robinson, massage clinic receptionist.

At the beginning of the appointment, the students and teachers have a consultation to ensure they know what they are doing.  This makes for a very professional, stress free environment.

There is no need to worry about cost either, as everything is everything fits to the student budget.

Similar to massage therapy, the esthetician program is open to students and the public.  It’s like the college has its very own spa.

“Students learn how to do manicures, gel nails, pedicures and facials,” said Linda Ducharme, an esthetician professor and coordinator.

However, this facility is not located at the Woodroffe campus.  Most of the classes for the esthetician program are held at Confederation High School.  The appointments are there as well.

“The nice thing is that there is free parking for clients in the back,” said Ducharme.

Also held at Confederation High School, the hairstyling program has an open salon to students and the public.

“A lot of faculty come to get their hair done too,” said Deanna Douglas, a hairstyling professor.

During theory classes, students learn how to cut, perm and colour hair.  After practicing on one another and with wigs for several months, students can start taking in clients during second semester.

There is nothing to worry about.  Similar to the esthetician program, hairstyling teachers are at the salon to help throughout the appointment.

“The student doesn’t get to do anything until they go through everything with the teacher,” said Douglas.

Once students get their approval, clients are put at ease and can get whatever they need done.  Yes, this does include soothing hair washes.

There are many ways to unwind and relax at Algonquin, sometimes you have to wonder, what’s my reason to be stressed?