~l_Organize - O'Neil
Sarah Mohsn attended the Let’s Get Organized workshop. Mohsn is a community studies student.

Helping students get organized was the focus of a workshop led by the Centre for Students with Disabilities Feb. 4.

“Students have good intentions,” said Lorri MacLeod, a learning strategist for the CSD. “They say, ‘Oh I’m going to do my semester plan.’ But they never do it. Every faculty should really think of doing this.”

MacLeod leads the Let’s Get Organized workshop. The sessions offer a group discussion of organizational strategies and one-on-one time with MacLeod. The learning strategist knows what program the students are in and thinks of scenarios for each individual.

Students are provided with physical and digital planners that either display the weeks in a semester or the days within each week. They are encouraged to input when their upcoming tests or assignments are.

Sarah Mohsn, a community studies student, realized she had an assignment due the day she went to the organizational workshop through making a schedule.

“Honestly I think many people should go because there’s nothing wrong with getting some help now and then,” said Mohsn.

According to MacLeod, the workshops draw about five to six students each offering.

Elisha Jin, an early childhood education student, moved to Canada from China in December and has attended every session.

“I am not used to getting things organized,” said Jin. “In my mind I think I can manage, but in fact, I can not.”

Jin expressed how she feels College and University are a lot harder to time manage compared to high school.

“The China University system is much different,” said Jin. “(In the) China education system, they give you assignment(s) as you go. No monthly or weekly plan.”

Workshops are offered Wednesday evening at 5 pm. at the third floor of the Student Commons building in the welcome centre. Sessions will run through the month of March.