Sabrina Shaheen, top left, Jared Feldman, top right, Chanveer Gill, middle left, Abhilash Parbhakar, middle right, Alex Vaillant, lower left and Mike Connolly.

The school year is slowly coming to and end and stress levels are high. The Times caught up with some students to talk about how they take a little bit of time out of their busy schedule to treat themselves.

Jared Feldman, sports business management student: “After a long day of school I like to get the stress out of sitting all day and doing nothing, I’m all antsy so I go to the gym and really just let it all out and blow off some steam. Once I get home I’m feeling phenomenal so I like to treat myself to a cold glass of water and a nice meal. After that I love nothing more than sitting on my throne and play some video games. Currently, I’m enjoying NBA 2k18 My Career mode, I get to live vicariously through my player. When I get a triple-double it feels amazing and rubs off on my day.”

Mike “Big Mike” Connolly, CKDJ radio host: “To unwind, I play some video games, listen to some tunes and chill out with some friends.”

Ramandeep Kaur Virk, computer system technician program student: “I have a very busy schedule and I always look forward to my weekend, in the night we all gather and dance and enjoy food, which is my favourite.”

Chanveer Gill, computer system technician program student: “I usually spend the weekend with my friends. We go downtown, maybe to the science museum, activities or fairs going on. After, we eat food.”

Abhilash Parbhakar, computer system technician program student: “I spend my weekend with my friends downtown or sometimes the casino. Last week we went to McLaren’s, we play pool there. I’m new in Canada, so that’s why I don’t really know where to visit, but some places I’ve gone to are really nice to go to relax.”

Alex Vaillant, sports business management student: “After a long day I’m exhausted so I usually take a nap and then get up and go for a run to get some fresh air. After, maybe a bath with a nice bath bomb to get those scents going. That usually calms me. I put some Ed Sheeran on the playlist and just mellow out the rest of the night.”

Sabrina Shaheen, vet tech program student: “I don’t have too much time to relax, pretty much always preparing for whatever test is up next, constantly being torn between schedules. So, I don’t really have time to sit down and relax but when I finally do, I feel like I should be doing something school-related.”