By: Tara Goodfellow

Sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies have become a growing problem in Ottawa over the years. It is this that has had David D. Pistol, graduate of the 3D animation course, gear his clothing line, PYP Clothing, towards.

STI’s are infections that are generally passed on from person to person during sexual activity or when there is contact with bodily fluids. There are roughly 25 different STI’s with a wide variety of symptoms.

Pistol, 36, had the idea of the clothing line in 2008, in hopes of raising awareness in young people to be more responsible and ultimately to have safe fun. With the increase of Ottawa’s STI’s, Pistol felt the need to do something about the problem. As he loves fashion, using it was an obvious choice for him to spread the message. Five per cent of all proceeds go to several different non-profit organizations.

PYP clothing ranges from t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweats, underwear and even business attire with the new fall fashion coming soon. PYP Clothing is geared towards 18 to 34-year-olds, mostly college and university students. With the clothing line baring “Protect Your Peach” and “Protect Your Pistol,” it’s large logos are quick to get their message across, or become conversation starters, for some simply bare PYP.

“We would like for PYP to be the number one apparel in Canada and eventually across the world,” said Pistol.
The members of PYP are hosting the “PYP T-shirt Xperience Party 2” on Friday, Nov. 9. “It’s 50 people all wearing Cupids Closet clothing. Everyone comes out to enjoy the experience of being safe and to have fun,” said Khali White, the executive administrator for PYP clothing. PYP staff promise to pass out condoms to each of the 50 guests just in case they get lucky to protect their “peaches and pistols.”

The event tickets cost $50 and you must be 19 years of age to attend. A ticket to the Xperience Party gets you a PYP Clothing t-shirt or tank, a female fantasy pre-party for the women which will be hosted by Cupid’s Closet, as well as the pre-party with an open bar and much more.

PYP had a party last year, that was a complete success that sold out all their tickets, so PYP members are most optimistic about their second party being a hit too.

“Get tested,” said White. “Anytime you start with a new partner, always get tested. Do it together, or do it separately, just get it done, it’s better to know your status, and use communication. If someone’s unwilling to protect themselves you have to gauge that. Is that something important in a relationship, if you’re not willing to do that for me, obviously there can’t be a relationship.”