Nick Strong, co-chair of Algonquin's Relay for Life club, opened up about how cancer has affected his life.

Cancer affects us all, and Relay for Life co-chair Nick Strong wants to do something about it.

“My goal is to never need to organize another Relay,” said Strong, who has been involved with the organization since elementary school. “I lost my grandma to cancer, and it motivated me to help people through Relay for Life.”

All post-secondary schools can have a Relay club, which gets support from the Canadian Cancer Society. A Relay hosted at a college is much different than one hosted at a high school and is one big “party with a purpose,” as Strong calls it.

“Getting people involved is challenging. They don’t know how much fun it can be,” said Strong. He has done nearly 40 hours of promo work in the lead up to the March Relay, in an effort to get more people to come out to this year’s event.

Relay for Life will take place on the evening of March 23 to the morning of March 24, spanning from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. The signup is $15, which includes activities, supper, and breakfast. Proceeds raised by the event go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“Cancer affects people you love, people you may not like, it affects everyone. And we can do something about it,” said Strong.

Students can contact the club by visiting Algonquin College Relay for Life on Facebook.