By: Stephen Sedgwick-Williams

Mechanical engineering student Richard Eshawaya enjoys a warm bowl of noodles

Asian cuisine. It wasn’t a phrase one would normally combine with the college’s food choices.

But all that changed.

Located off the busy corridor between the new Robert C. Gillett building and the H-building, Photos specializes in Asian cuisine and brings something new to the table.

With a wide selection of existing food options, “The next step was to try and do some sort of Asian noodle that was quick and easy to serve, but offered a healthy way of making it,” said Brent Brownlee, general manager of Algonquin’s Food Services. “So in this case, Phogos is based on sort of a typical pho soup concept where you have steamed noodles and vegetables and also have the soup concept and now we’re doing salads as well.”

Phogos boasts a number of meals that are good for students looking to avoid the dreaded ‘freshman 15’. With menu items like rice wraps and new additions like salads and steamed rice, there are many healthy options. The food is cooked with steamers, a healthier way of preparing food fast and is made fresh in front of students.

Customers can make suggestions to the manager.

“Feedback is always welcome by all means,” said Helena Ngou, manager of Phogos.

Not everyone is keen on trying new foods though. Some prefer to stick with what they know, but the Algonquin Food Services are confident in what they have to offer.

“People who haven’t tried it maybe are hesitant to try,” said Mara Lowrey, assistant manager of Ancillary Services and Card Programs, “and those that try it become our regular customers quickly.”