By: Kaylea Groover

The darkness that comes out of nowhere at a disgustingly early hour of the day. The snow that soaks your once warm feet. The harsh Canadian wind that stings your face. It all means only one thing – Christmas is coming and you need gifts.

Algonquin’s Connections bookstore has plenty of options, but if you want something more, here are some great ideas for everyone on your list.

Your mother:
Your mom might love another homemade macaroni necklace, but let’s class it up this Christmas. If she loves to relax and read a good book, why not get her a Kindle so she can have a variety of books with her wherever she goes? If she’s a hard worker, a portable laptop stand will help her get her surf the net in comfort. Whatever you get her, put some work into it, she is your mother after all.
Kindle: $139 for the touch from

Your father:
Your dad will always love the self-made picture frames you gave him but this year it’s time for your dad to go high-tech. The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II is a gift that he can hook his music up to and use throughout the house and outside all year round. If you’re looking for something less expensive but still as useful, the Beer Belt can hold six cans of beer so your dad can watch his Christmas movies and stay comfortable on the couch.
Beer Belt: $19.99 from

Your siblings:
Siblings can sometimes be hard to buy for because you feel like your money is better spent somewhere else. Like on yourself. A perfect go-to sibling gift is a subscription to Netflix, for only $7.99 a month and a free first month it provides them with plenty of entertainment to keep them off your back for another year.
Netflix: $7.99 from

Your techie friend:
The North Face has come out with Etip Gloves that let you control your phone, iPod or laptop without taking your gloves off – genius! Or for the techie who needs to control everything, the Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote allows them to control all their devices on one touch screen. The New Technology Store’s Jared Boucher and Brad Quinn recommend the Wii U that allows you to play games on double screens or continue playing on the handheld when someone else needs the television.
Logitech Remote: $349.99 from

Your sporty friend:
Anything related to exercise will make your sporting friends happy. Nike is a front-runner for all things cool – their new Nike+FuelBand tracks a person’s activity, calculates calories burned and also connects to your smartphone and laptop. For the more extreme active friend, the popular GoPro camera’s will allow them to record their completely awesome lifestyle to better rub it in your face. C.J Moogk, fitness and health promotions student working at the Fitness Zone, recommends a gift card towards the gym or the Impact Zone. She also says that the gift depends on the type of person but that workout clothing is a no-fail option.
GoPro: $399.99

Your nerdy friend:
Everyone is a nerd these days trying to get their hands on the newest gadgets. This makes buying for these friends much easier, you can even start with something small like this Star Wars Death Star tea infuser. Or if you are looking for something that will blow their minds, this Plan-B Evac Sling Pack is perfect for that zombie apocalypse you know they’ve already planned for.
Plan-B Evac Pack: $ 115.99

Your hipster friend:
This type of friend will be tricky because you’ll most likely have to do some research so you don’t get anything too mainstream. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, She & Him, are a great duo that your hipster friends love so why not get them A Very She & Him Christmas album? Helveticards, a deck of cards with Helvetica type, will also amaze your hipster friends and bring up your hipster cred.
She&Him album: $9.99 from

Your significant other:
The usual gifts of chocolate and furry handcuffs won’t do it this year. These customized Jack Daniel’s mini whiskey bottles make a great gift either sex will love and shows them you care more than just the plain old bottle. Or let them print off your cute couple pictures instantly with a wireless smartphone printer.
Jack Daniel’s bottles: $33.00 (US)