l_clubsfest (online)

Most people pass the mass gatherings in Algonquin’s Student Commons without a backward glance.

But when some game consoles, eye-catching posters and laptops running different media are added, that changes.

That was the scene when campus based clubs and communities took over the Commons with their Clubsfest event for four hours on Sept. 23 with the goal of recruiting new members.

There were about 15 booths set up to represent various causes, with guidance from the Student Association. Communities ranging from LGBTQ persons to Magic the Gathering aficionados were represented.

Patrick Newell, clubs and communities coordinator for the Algonquin Students Association, was manning the SA’s Clubsfest booth to further his mandate for the year.

Last year there were 126 clubs across all three campuses and, this year, Newell is hoping to hit 150.

“We don’t like to say no to students on the different event ideas and the different club ideas they have,” said Newell. “There are few guidelines they have to follow, if they follow those guidelines they’re in.”

The SA has been hands-on with assisting clubs at Algonquin and held a training event the day before Clubsfest to help new club leaders adjust. Events assistance, financial assistance, and contact gathering through the students’ association are among the services provided to clubs.

Second year professional writing student and Video Game Club spokesperson, William Au, sees joining clubs as a way of widening the college experience.

“Joining a club is great because you can only grow as a person if you meet more people of different mindsets,” said Au. “It’s a great because you’re there in person, face to face sharing an experience together. Not on the other side of a computer screen.”

Clubsfest will be returning to Student Commons Jan. 27. Newell, who is hoping to grow the event, says the Student Association is ready to offer support to students wanting to start new clubs or communities.

Students interested in starting their own club and setting up at Clubsfest should visit the Student Association’s website at www.algonquinsa.com for more information and can contact Patrick Newell at newellp@algonquincollege.com