The Shamrock Smoothie in honour of St. Patrick's Day is available at Marketplace Food Court until the end of March.

The Marketplace Food Court is featuring the Shamrock Smoothie in honour of St. Patrick’s Day for the month of March.

The colour may look intimidating at first but ends up being a sweet surprise to those who try it. When first holding the smoothie up to your nose, the smell of banana hits you right away. This is just one of the many ingredients that make this mysterious smoothie work.

Students can buy this vibrant green concoction for $5.10 and it appears to be a hit.

“I’ve had it twice this semester,” said Beno Tsintsadze as he waits for his third Shamrock Smoothie to be blended up. He enjoys the taste of this smoothie more than some of the others on the regular menu.

“We sell a lot. I just made five in a row,” said a food services worker making smoothies at Marketplace, who asked that her name not be identified. “They’ve been really popular.”

So what’s in this mysterious green smoothie? It contains organic spinach, greek yogurt, bananas, oranges and fresh mint. Because the smoothie is seedless, it blends up really smoothly and leaves no chewy bits in your mouth afterward. After setting out to find students to try the smoothie for the first time, many had good things to say about it.

The banana was the first thing to hit their palettes, followed by the citrusy orange flavour. Because of the green, they detected the spinach in the smoothie but not all could put their finger on the crisp aftertaste of mint until they were told about it afterwards.

“I’m not normally one to drink vegetable juices so the fact that you have fruit and vegetables in there, kind of a plus,” said public relations student Braden Jones. “I usually go to Booster Juice but I would consider buying this instead. It’s tasty.”

Though his colleague Tushar Singh, who doesn’t normally like smoothies, raises the point that it “doesn’t look good” Jones points out that because it is presented as a festive smoothie in the month of March, the colour makes it an asset and selling feature.

Pre-animation and Illustration student Mya Pinks is an avid smoothie drinker and usually likes putting frozen fruits, spinach, chia seeds and some yogurt in her smoothies. She would consider making something like this at home. “It seems like easy ingredients that you can buy anywhere, and it’s good,” said Pinks.

Though this smoothie may not look appetizing at first glance, it is packed with flavour which has left many students happily surprised with the final result in their mouth. The Shamrock Smoothie will be sold until the end of March but is likely to be around for next St. Patrick’s Day. Pot of gold included not included.