A dozen students, faculty, and alumni attended the meditation workshop to learn techniques on clearing their mind and dealing with stress on Nov. 30 at the spiritual centre in the Student Commons.

The class was taught by Corey Sheik, a local spiritual entrepreneur who runs the Ottawa Life Style centre, his teachings are based on meditation techniques to help people deal with the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

“In the journey of our life we are looking for ourselves; we search for it in a career, relationships travel, but that never,” said Sheik.

He guided the class through an awareness meditation technique, telling attendees to focus on different parts of the body, starting from the feet and working up to the top of the head.

“Meditation is a state of being, it helps us in our journey of life to find ourselves,” said Sheik.

After, Sheik taught a second meditation teaching that was centered on dealing with past trauma. He told attendees to focus on what was really bothering them the most at that moment, and just focus completely on that feeling.

“When we give ourselves permission to feel, we that this emotion is not real, it is not who we are, it is only temporary,”

Students who attended had this to say of the session.

“It was a really good experience, I’m glad this was set up now at the end of the semester because I really needed this right now,” Said Snowy Sethi , a first year interactive media design student.

Another student found the techniques in the class helpful for dealing with obstacles in day to day life.

“He told us how to deal with stress and problems that could have do to with anything, it was really good I’m definitely coming back next time,” said Kamal Kochare, interactive media design first year.